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Help to stop nightmares and bad dreams

Put a permanent stop to nightmares with NLP and hypnotherapy

It’s very common for children to experience nightmares and scary dreams, but you may not realize that as many as half of all adults also have nightmares from time to time. Some adults even have them quite frequently, disrupting their sleep and leaving them feeling anxious and scared. Help is available to get rid of nightmares, using the techniques of NLP and hypnotherapy.

Nightmares can feel so real.

Nightmares can feel absolutely real to you. They generate very strong emotions and often physical sensations as well, such as falling, drowning, running, being trapped, or even death in some cases. Making your nightmares even worse, you may wake up in the middle of one unable to move due to a normal sleep condition called sleep paralysis. We all go through periods of sleep paralysis during deep REM sleep, but if you happen to wake up during one of these periods it can be terrifying at the very least.

Anxiety, stress and nightmares

Most nightmares are caused by anxiety, stress, or strong emotions. These can occur as a result of something that happened during the day, a significant life event, or any other incident that leads to these types of responses. Sometimes, though, the true cause of nightmares cannot be determined, often creating higher levels of stress and anxiety that in turn produce more frequent nightmares. The cycle can repeat itself over and over again.

Learning to stop nightmares for good

The key to ending your nightmares, however, does not lie in figuring out what is causing them. Instead, the best way to put a permanent stop to nightmares is to re-train your brain to let go of troubled thought patterns and replace them with calm and peaceful thought patterns. Once these new patterns become automatic and unconscious, your nightmare problem goes away.

The benefits of NLP and hypnotherapy

So how exactly do you develop those new and better thought patterns? And how do your make them become automatic and unconscious? The answers to these questions lie in the techniques of NLP and hypnotherapy. Working on a conscious level, NLP helps you identify troubled thought patterns and deliberately replace them with calm and peaceful thought patterns. Working on an unconscious level, hypnotherapy reinforces the lessons of NLP at a very deep level, gently ingraining them in your mind and turning them into automatic, unconscious responses.

How long will treatment take?

In most cases, two or three one-hour sessions are enough to get rid of problem nightmares. Occasionally we will have a client who needs more sessions to be completely successful, but we also have many clients who need fewer sessions as well. Your individual circumstances will determine how many sessions you ultimately need.

NLP and Hypnotherapy in Australia

Say goodnight to nightmares and start getting a good night’s sleep. Our trained and professional team of NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners can teach you the important skills necessary to change your thought patterns and eliminate nightmares permanently! Contact us today for more information about the clinic closest to you.