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Help to stop jealousy

Hypnotherapy And NLP To Help Stop Jealousy For Good

Jealousy is an extremely powerful emotion, but an incredibly destructive one as well. Jealousy often involves feelings of anger, anxiety and guilt. It may seem that you have good reasons to feel jealous, but the reality is that it is an automatic and unconscious response to events that are not actually 'real'. Our powerful combination of hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to stop these jealous feelings, once and for all.

More about jealousy

When you feel jealous, it often leads to saying things or doing things you end up regretting later on. This happens because jealous behaviours are based in automatic responses to thought patterns you learned at some other point in your life. These thought patterns are buried deep in your unconscious mind, where you probably don’t even realize they exist.

Jealous thinking goes round in circles

They repeat themselves, too, occurring again and again in a predictable cycle of jealousy, anger, remorse, and guilt. And the more often you go through these cycles, the more impossible it seems that you will ever be able to control yourself. Jealous behaviour can cause lasting damage to you, your relationships, and your career in many cases. The person about whom you feel jealous suffers significant consequences too, including guilt, anxiety, and fear.

Jealousy happens when your imagination is out of your control

When jealousy is part of your life, it means your imagination has taken control. Instead of seeing events and situations for what they really are, your mind and your imagination make up stories and exaggerations that quickly grow out of control. Some people spend a lifetime struggling with jealousy issues, while others may suddenly experience it without any apparent cause.

'Why am I so jealous?' The answer is that it does not matter why ...

The true cause of jealousy is not important, however. What’s most important is re-training your mind and imagination to use more positive thought patterns that produce more positive and reasonable behaviours.

Getting help from NLP and hypnotherapy techniques

NLP and hypnotherapy techniques target your conscious and unconscious mind in order to identify and change the thought patterns that create jealous behaviours. In your conscious mind, you learn how to make the kinds of choices that thought patterns that work for you rather than against you. In your unconscious mind, you access the deep resources and abilities that have been hidden from view for a long time.

These techniques work

The bottom line is that NLP and hypnotherapy are powerful tools that can help you learn how to send your old jealous responses off to fade into the past while embracing new responses that are healthy and positive. Best of all, these responses are automatic, making it easy to get rid of jealousy for good.

How long will treatment take?

Because NLP and hypnotherapy are such a powerful combination, treatment generally succeeds in a very short period of time. Most of our clients achieve the results they want in as few as two or three one-hour sessions.

NLP and Hypnotherapy in Australia

If jealousy has taken control and you can’t seem to stop it, help is just a phone call away. Our trained and professional team of NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners can teach you exactly how to get rid of jealousy and start living a life of happiness and freedom! Contact us today for more information about the clinic closest to you.