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Fear of spiders

Help From NLP and Hypnotherapy For Your Phobia Of Spiders

Arachnophobia. It’s a fancy name for a very simple fear. You’re afraid of spiders.

don’t have too many problems while others are so paralysed by the fear that their lives are seriously affected.  Either way, the fear of spiders can very easily be resolved in just a short amount of time.

What You Should Know About Arachnophobia

Your fear of spiders developed at some point in your life, most likely as the result of some incident when your saw a spider and felt fear or alarm.  It doesn’t matter if you were truly at risk or not; your mind believes you were and has created a thought pattern that triggers fear whenever a spider is nearby.  It is an unconscious and automatic response, not a reflection on your character or your courage.


For many years the method of choice for dealing with the fear of spiders was to expose the person to the source of their fear.  Sometimes it happened gradually, bringing in spiders for short periods of time and gradually keeping them around longer.  Other times it took place full force and all at once, in a way that was often very traumatic and uncomfortable.  A third method for dealing with spider phobia was to spend a great deal of time talking about your past and trying to discover the source of your fear.  In other words, let’s figure out why you’re afraid.


The problem with all three of these methods is that they just don’t work very well.

The Benefits Of NLP And Hypnotherapy

NLP and hypnotherapy are quite different from other methods of overcoming fears and phobias.  They do not involve any form of desensitization and they never put you in a position where you feel uncomfortable or anxious.  Instead, we use these techniques to confront the issues right here, right now, dealing with your thought patterns and how they create the unwelcome behaviours you experience. 


When we interrupt the thought patterns on both a conscious and unconscious level, your brain is able to re-learn a new and better reaction to spiders.  Instead of feeling fear and panic, you feel calm and in control.  This new reaction quickly becomes an automatic pattern, something your mind does unconsciously every single time.   

How Long Will Treatment Take?

The majority of our clients only need a single one-hour session to completely overcome their phobia of spiders.  Occasionally we will have a client who needs a second session to totally eliminate their phobia.


You can learn to let go of your spider phobia and replace it with a calm and controlled pattern of thought. Why not let our experienced and professional team of NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners teach you how to do it right away? Contact us today for more information about the clinic closest to you.