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Stopping flying phobia - with help from NLP/Hypnotherapy

Conquering Fear Of Flying With NLP and Hypnotherapy

Some research indicates as many as 20% of all people have some form of fear or phobia about flying in an airplane.  They may be afraid because they have never been on an airplane before, or they may have had a traumatic experience while flying and developed a fear based on that event.  Still other people develop a fear of flying for no apparent reason; it just appears without any warning.  Regardless of where you fall in this range of flying phobia, we can help you resolve this issue and take to the air successfully. 

About The Fear Of Flying

The fear of flying is, like all other fears and phobias, a learned response to a particular situation.  Somewhere along the line your mind developed an unconscious pattern of thought that associates flying with something that is frightening or dangerous.  Some of the common feelings we hear from clients with this fear include:

This is just a small sampling of what you might feel; or, you might feel something completely different when facing the prospect of flying in an airplane.  Either way, you probably try to deal with the situation by managing your fear with breathing, relaxation, or other methods.  None of these methods will work over the long term, though, because they are based on the assumption that the bad feeling (your fear) is with you all the time and might take over your thoughts at any moment.  A much better and more permanent approach is to eliminate the fear altogether, and that’s exactly what NLP and hypnotherapy can help you do.

Help From NLP And Hypnotherapy

NLP helps you learn how to consciously and deliberately change the course of your thoughts.  It only takes a short time and it only takes a single teaching opportunity to help your mind learn to change thought patterns.  Flying becomes a source of calm and positive feelings rather than a source of fear and anxiety.  Hypnotherapy helps your unconscious mind learn to create new and more constructive thought patterns that lead to a sense of calm rather than a sense of fear.  Working with your conscious and unconscious mind at the same time allows us to rapidly address and cure your phobia of flying.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Depending on your individual situation, the combination of NLP and hypnotherapy will help you get rid of your flying phobia in as few as two or three one-hour sessions.


Don’t let the fear of flying hold you back from going places and doing what you want to do. Let our experienced and professional team of NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners help you regain control of your life in a very short time! Contact us today for more information about the clinic closest to you.