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Fear of dogs

You Can Eliminate Your Dog Phobia Effectively With NLP And Hypnotherapy

Everybody loves dogs, right?  Wrong!  Although dogs are common and widespread household pets, many people suffer from an intense fear or phobia of dogs.  They experience debilitating phobia attacks whenever a dog is nearby or even when they simply think about a dog in their mind.  This is an extremely difficult way to live, because dogs are literally all over the place.  You can hardly walk down the street, walk through the park, or go to the local marketplace without encountering at least one dog along the way.  It’s very hard to live like that without feeling trapped, scared, and anxious.

About Dog Phobia

Dogs are nearly as plentiful as people.  You see them nearly everywhere you go, walking with their owners and playing happily with children and each other.  There are plenty of opportunities, then, for you to experience an incident or trauma that causes you to develop dog phobia.  Some of the common reasons why people are afraid of dogs include:

 All of these are perfectly valid reasons to be afraid of dogs if they have been part of a traumatic or dangerous situation where you were in contact with a dog.  Where normal fear turns into phobia, however, is when the instant and automatic response to a dog is panic, anxiety, or some other phobia response that is debilitating and paralysing.

Getting Help With NLP And Hypnotherapy

It doesn’t matter how or why your dog phobia developed because knowing this information is not part of curing the phobia.  The only thing you need to know is the automatic thought process your mind goes through that triggers the fear and phobia response.  This thought process is so unconscious and automatic, in fact, that you probably have no idea when it occurs. 

That’s where NLP and hypnotherapy can make such a big difference.  These techniques work with your conscious mind and your unconscious mind, identifying the harmful thought processes and help you re-train your mind to use a different and more useful thought process.  These new patterns become firmly ingrained in your mind, becoming automatic and unconscious so that they are triggered instantly whenever you encounter a dog.  The difference, though, is that the behaviours they trigger are calm and relaxed rather than anxious and panicked. 

How Long Will Treatment Take?

On average, most people can resolve their dog phobia in just one or two one-hour sessions.