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Banishing the fear of cats

Banish Your Cat Phobia Forever Using NLP And Hypnotherapy Techniques

Cats are among the most popular of household pets, living in many millions of homes as a gentle and loving companion.  Some people, however, have a very strong phobia about cats that restricts their activities and seriously impacts their life.  You many never have stopped to think about it, but cats are all around us in just about every possible place we might go.  From the neighbour’s pet to the shop owner’s tabby, you’re likely to run into a cat fairly frequently.

About Cat Phobia

scary or frightening experience with a feline.   Regardless of how it begins, cat phobia is a distressing condition that can make your relationships, friendships, and life in general quite difficult.  It’s important to remember that like other phobias, cat phobia is really just an automatic and unconscious thought pattern that triggers powerful feelings and behaviours. 

That’s why figuring out how and why the phobia started really doesn’t help you at all.  It’s much more important to identify the actual thought processes that cause the problem and learn how to re-train your mind to have different thought processes in those situations that involve cats.  Once your thought processes have changed, your automatic responses and behaviours change for the better, too.

You might think this is impossible to do, but it’s really quite easy.  With the right tools and right techniques, your mind is very capable of breaking up old thought patterns and replacing them with new thought patterns that you have chosen for yourself.  You can’t do it with will power, and you can’t do it with traditional desensitisation treatments, but you can do it successfully with NLP and hypnotherapy techniques and the help of a skilled practitioner.

Getting Help With NLP And Hypnotherapy

This is why NLP and hypnotherapy are so effective at resolving cat phobia and all other phobias as well.  The techniques target your conscious and unconscious mind to unlock your thought processes the change them to something more positive and normal.  This in turn allows you to change your automatic responses and start triggering behaviours that are more calm and centred rather than fearful and stressful. 

The beauty of NLP and hypnotherapy is that the techniques are so direct and so effective.  Your practitioner can use them to help you create dramatic changes in a very short amount of time.  You don’t have to go through months or years of therapy, all you need is just a few sessions at the most.           

How Long Will Treatment Take?

The fear of cats can nearly always be resolved for good in a single one-hour session, but for some clients a second session is helpful to ensure complete success.