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Bird phobia – fear of birds cured

Eliminate Your Fear Of Birds Using The Power Of NLP and Hypnotherapy

Bird phobia is very limiting.  After all, it is pretty hard to go anywhere or do anything without seeing or being near a bird at some point.  Some people are so afraid that they live with their curtains drawn, afraid of even seeing a bird through the window of their home.  The flapping of wings, the hopping up and down, the swooping through the air – all of these things are terrifying to someone with a bird phobia.

Why Birds Can Be So Scary

When you think about it, there are a lot of things about birds that can be frightening.  Some of the most common things we hear about why our clients are afraid of birds include the following:

 All of these things are very real to the person who has bird phobia; they trigger a thought pattern and an unconscious automatic response that at some point was learned by the brain.  It doesn’t matter when or how it was learned, it’s there and it produces the fear and phobia behaviour.  Learned thought patterns are buried deep inside the mind, but the good news is that the mind can be re-trained to learn a different, more positive pattern of thought.


The key is to create the new thought pattern and help the phobic person apply it both consciously and unconsciously so that it becomes automatic and they do it without blinking an eye.  These are the things that can be accomplished quite rapidly using NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.  They work because they target both parts of your mind, conscious and unconscious, combining to create a powerful and rapid change.

How NLP And Hypnotherapy Can Help

Our techniques work with your conscious and unconscious mind to confront the thought patterns that create the fear response to birds.  We teach you how to re-condition those patterns and change them into something different so that your automatic reaction is to be calm and in control.  These new patterns become part of your deep inner resources, where your mind instantly and unconsciously goes to them whenever a bird appears.  It happens so automatically that you almost don’t realize it’s happening at all.  For the first time in a long time, you’re able to watch a bird fly or look out into your garden without cowering in fear.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

In most cases, bird phobia can be treated in just one or two one-hour sessions.