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Hospital phobia

Using The Power Of NLP And Hypnotherapy To Resolve Hospital Phobia

The common definition of hospital phobia is a fear that is unreasonable, persistent, and abnormal, causing you to avoid hospitals regardless of the reason for going there.  People with this phobia have been known to prefer being gravely ill to getting the medical care they need to feel better, just to avoid being anywhere near a hospital.   

More About Hospital Phobia

It’s not all that surprising that some people don’t like going to a hospital, either to visit someone else or as a patient themselves.  In most cases, though, the discomfort felt is minor and does not prevent the person from receiving the medical care they need.

Hospital phobia can develop for any number of reasons, but they really don’t matter because you cannot do anything about them.  The reason why you are hospital phobic is not important, but the thought processes and automatic responses you experience are important.  It is these thought processes and responses that create a crippling fear of anything associated with the hospital.  Once the fear is established, it typically gets worse over time as you begin to fear the fear in an endless loop of phobia response.  You might even feel guilty or embarrassed about your phobia, but it’s not enough to overcome it and conquer the fear.

The truth is that will power and “wanting to change” are not the tools you need to successfully resolve your hospital phobia.  What you need is a way to identify negative thought patterns and replace them with new thought patterns that allow you to let go of your fear and start living a normal life again.  That’s what NLP and hypnotherapy are all about.

How NLP And Hypnotherapy Can Help

You don’t have to go through unpleasant and scary desensitisation treatment, where you are exposed to the hospital “for your own good” as they say.  NLP and hypnotherapy are the preferred alternatives for treating and resolving the fear of hospitals.  By accessing your unconscious mind and your conscious mind, we get them to work together to cure your phobia. 


Your practitioner will help you identify the automatic responses and thought patterns that create the phobia response, and then assist you with re-training your mind to have a different and more productive set of automatic responses and thought patterns.  There are a range of techniques we can use to help you overcome your phobia, so you can be assured of getting a good result that eliminates your phobia forever.   

How Long Will Treatment Take?

In most cases, your phobia will be permanently gone after just one or two one-hour sessions with your practitioner.     


Don’t let the fear of hospitals put your health and well-being at risk.  Our experienced and professional team of NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners can teach you the best way to overcome your fear and put your life back in order!  Contact us today for more information about the clinic closest to you.