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Ending the fear of driving

Put An End To Your Fear And Phobia Of Driving

A large number of people have a fear or phobia related to driving; more people than you might think, as a matter of fact.  This phobia can show up in a variety of ways, but the end result is the same.  Your life is significantly affected by the paralysing fear of driving.  You struggle to go anywhere or do anything that would normally include driving a car.  

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Driving phobia can occur in anyone of any age at any time.  Some of the most common driving fears our clients need help with include:

All of these fears and phobias are based on automatic responses and behaviours that create the urgent sense of panic or terror.  In other words, somewhere along the way your brain learned a thought pattern that creates the sense of fear and the phobia behaviour.  This pattern has since become firmly ingrained in your brain until you hardly notice how it happens; you just know it the instant it happens and you have a phobia attack. 

Fortunately, your mind has already shown it can learn one thought pattern so it can certainly learn another one.  This is the primary goal of NLP and hypnotherapy – to identify troublesome thought patterns, re-train your mind with healthier thought patterns, and store those new patterns deep in your unconscious mind so they become automatic.

Help From NLP And Hypnotherapy

Using NLP and hypnotherapy, your practitioner will help you break the cycle of automatic responses and fear that have a firm grip on your mind.  The techniques work with your conscious mind to help you learn new ways to create positive thought processes and with your unconscious mind to turn those new thought processes into an automatic habit.  You will experience changes at a very deep level, the kind that are real and lasting.      

How Long Will Treatment Take?

The length of treatment will vary depending on your individual circumstances and needs.  However, in most cases your phobia of driving will be completely resolved within two to four one-hour sessions.