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Fear of being sick (Emetophobia)

Let Go Of Your Fear Of Being Sick

Nobody likes to be sick to their stomach.  The experience of vomiting is unpleasant, both for the person being sick and any other people who may be nearby.  When the fear of being sick becomes overwhelming and turns into a phobia, it’s time to get help.   

It’s Called Emetophobia

The fear of vomiting is called emetophobia, and some experts say it is the fifth most common phobia in the world.  We don’t know if this statistic is exactly correct, but we do see many clients who are looking for help with this problem.  Some of the common triggers for this phobia include:

The impact of this phobia is greater than you might think at first.  People who suffer from emetophobia often avoid medical treatment, stay away from children and other people who might be sick, avoid public places such as pubs or restaurants, and eat poorly for fear of becoming sick.  All of these things can seriously restrict the ability to live and function normally in daily life.   

The problem lies in the way your mind has learned to experience and interpret situations where you or someone else is sick.  At some point in your life, you learned negative thought patterns about those situations and develop a sense of fear and anxiety when they occur.  This fear starts to feed on itself, until you become so anxious and fearful that you develop a destructive phobia.  The key to resolving your phobia is to re-train your mind with new thought patterns that produce more positive and constructive responses.

Help From NLP And Hypnotherapy

Years ago the standard treatment for this phobia was to expose the sufferer to vomiting in order to desensitise them and try to change their automatic response.  Apart from being uncomfortable and very unpleasant, this approach simply did not work.

Now, using NLP and hypnotherapy, your practitioner can break the cycle of thought patterns that create the phobia response.  The techniques complement each other by accessing both your conscious and unconscious mind, helping you to learn new patterns of thinking and make them into unconscious and automatic responses.        

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Some people are completely cured after a single one-hour session, but on average most people need two or three sessions to achieve full success.