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Dental phobia and dental fears cured for good

You Can Cure Your Dental Phobia For Good Using NLP and Hypnotherapy Techniques

It’s very common for people to have some level of fear about going to the dentist.  After all, it is a place where needles, drills, scrapers, and other various tools may be used in your mouth.  Couple that with the loss of control from sitting in a chair with the dentist leaning over you, and it’s simple to see how the situation can easily turn into a phobia that affects your behaviour.   

More About Dental Phobia

Many people develop their dental phobia as a child, when going to the dentist can be particularly scary and difficult.  Perhaps something happened that caused pain, or maybe the sight of a dentist in full mask and silicone gloves seemed like a monster coming to get you.  Regardless of when or how the phobia developed, it can grow and flourish over time until you’re too afraid to get the regular dental care you need.  Even worse, the more you avoid going to the dentist the more your teeth may deteriorate, requiring even more dental work than if you had had regular care to begin with. 

As with other phobias, once you feel the fear that a phobia attack might happen, that fear creates even more anxiety and makes it even more likely that you will indeed have a phobia attack.  Your mind is trapped in a loop of thought patterns that lead to automatic responses that lead to the unwanted behaviour.  The good news is that the thought patterns you currently have were learned at some point in your life, so there is no reason why your mind can’t learn new, more productive thought patterns in their place. 

The primary goal of NLP and hypnotherapy is to identify the problem thought patterns, re-train your mind with different thought patterns, and cement the new patterns into your unconscious mind so they become automatic.  In this way, we can help you break the cycle of fear and phobia and move on to a more healthy way of life.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and the results will astonish you.   

Help From NLP And Hypnotherapy

Using NLP and hypnotherapy, your practitioner will tap into your conscious mind as well as your unconscious mind, identifying the automatic thought processes and behaviours that are part of the phobia response.  Once these patterns are identified, the techniques are used to re-pattern you brain, teaching in a new set of thought patterns and behaviours that are constructive and positive. 

How Long Will Treatment Take?

In most cases, our treatment will make you free of this phobia within one or two one-hour sessions.