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Use The Power Of NLP and Hypnotherapy To Get Rid Of Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia – the fear of enclosed spaces – is often categorized as an anxiety disorder.  The feeling it causes can be extremely intense, preventing those who suffer from it from doing many of the normal things the rest of us do every day.  It can truly be a paralysing fear, preventing you from living the kind of normal life that other people all around you seem to live with hardly any effort at all.

More About Claustrophobia

Another common description of claustrophobia is an overwhelming sense of being trapped and needing a quick way to escape.  People with this fear will typically be constantly scanning their environment looking for an exit, creating a great deal of stress and anxiety. The most common symptoms of claustrophobia include:

It’s worth mentioning that some other conditions share these same or similar symptoms, and as with other phobias the fear of having a fear response creates additional anxiety that makes another fear response more likely.  The cycle repeats itself again and again and again.  It doesn’t take long for the fear cycle to feed upon itself, until the fear itself is what triggers the unwanted response.

Claustrophobia has some very practical impacts on your life.  You find it difficult to ride in a car, an elevator, or a bus; it’s hard to sit in a movie theatre, concert hall, or meeting room; and you even have trouble with some common medical tests like MRI and CT scans.  All of these things, taken together, can mean a life filled with fear and panic.  You simply cannot function normally if you are so afraid of enclosed spaces that you cannot go places and do things you might normally do.

Help From NLP And Hypnotherapy

You learned to be afraid of enclosed spaces at an earlier time in your life, so it only makes sense that you can “unlearn” your fear as well.  We do this by using NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to identify the thought patterns and automatic responses that create the fear response, and then change those thought patterns to create a different set of calm and controlled automatic responses.  They are complementary tools that target both your unconscious and conscious mind in order to achieve the results you want.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

NLP and hypnotherapy techniques typically produce very rapid results.  In most cases, our clients need just two to three one-hour sessions to completely eliminate their claustrophobia.