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Overcome agoraphobia

Overcome Your Fear Of Open Spaces With Help From NLP and Hypnotherapy

Agoraphobia – the fear of open spaces – is widely considered to be one of the most debilitating phobias a person can have.  Some people experience only mild discomfort, while others are so fearful that they will stay in their house for years on end, just to avoid going out into a larger open space.  It is not unusual to periodically see a story in the news about a person who has been in their home or apartment for many years and is desperate to cure their agoraphobia and return to a normal every day lifestyle.

More About Agoraphobia

The term agoraphobia is often expanded to include other fears, such as being afraid of crowds, public places, stores, trains, airplane, or travelling alone.  The common element in all of these fears is the intense urge (practically a compulsion) to escape the situation quickly and return to a safe place such as your home.  This urge and the thoughts that go with it are incredibly strong and incredibly dominating.  In other words, they quickly overwhelm the person and keep repeating over and over, blocking out all other thoughts.


Once you have experienced one episode of agoraphobia, you quickly become afraid that another episode will occur.  This fear feeds on itself, creating a cycle of fear, incident, more fear, another incident, and so on.  Talking about how the phobia started or why you think it happens does not help, and often only makes things worse because it reinforces your patterns of thought.  The only way to get rid of agoraphobia for good is to confront your thought patterns directly and change them permanently. 

How NLP And Hypnotherapy Can Help

Our techniques help you overcome all forms of agoraphobia by confronting them directly via your thought patterns and behaviours.  We never force you into a fearful situation, but instead help you identify the automatic thought patterns that trigger the fear and then change those patterns into something more positive. 

NLP and hypnotherapy work with your conscious and unconscious mind at the same time, approaching the change in thinking from two different but important perspectives.  They effectively work together to disrupt the old pattern and replace it with a new pattern, then making the new pattern a deep part of your unconscious mind.  Once there it becomes part of your inner resources, an automatic response that triggers the behaviour you want.  It happens automatically, without thinking, so your fear seems to just disappear into thin air.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Most people can resolve their agoraphobia completely in as few as two to four one-hour sessions.  We are able to make such quick changes because our techniques are so direct and so effective.


If agoraphobia is affecting your life and holding you back, we can help. Our experienced and professional team of NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners can teach you how to break free from your phobia and start living your life again? Contact us today for more information about the clinic closest to you.


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