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Fears and phobias index page

Fear and phobias are no laughing matter.  For some people they are a minor issue, while for others they can become completely debilitating.  Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques are an excellent choice to help with fears and phobias

General Information About Fears And Phobias

Most fears and phobias occur as the result of experiencing something frightening or traumatic; even one bad experience can often trigger a fear or a phobia.  Your brain takes on a phobia and anxiety about it quite rapidly, but it can just as rapidly get rid of that phobia.  NLP and hypnotherapy techniques can often help with fears and phobias in just one session.

My Phobia Is Public Speaking
This is by far the most common phobia we see because most people have at least some level of fear about speaking in public.  Whether you are terrified of giving presentations at staff meetings or would just like to learn how to feel comfortable in a group of your friends, we can help with the phobia of public speaking. 
Help! I’m Afraid To Fly

This is another very common fear we see in clients.  It can make life very difficult, especially if your job or lifestyle requires some level of travel in an airplane.  Fortunately, we can help with the fear of flying and the anxiety that goes along with it, usually in a short amount of time.

Overcoming Your Phobia Of Spiders
Spiders…yuck!  These creepy little crawlers bother a lot of people, often leading to fear and phobia.  If you’re someone who needs help with a phobia of spiders, we can very likely resolve this issue in one session.  .
Agoraphobia: Resolving Your Fear Of Open Spaces

Agoraphobia can be debilitating.  People with a sever fear of open spaces can end up literally trapped in their homes, terrified of going outside.  If you’re suffering from agoraphobia at this extreme level, experience just mild fears, or are somewhere in between, your life can change dramatically.  NLP and hypnotherapy can certainly help with your fear of open spaces. 

How To Help With Bird Phobia
To most people, birds are simply part of the environment, fun and interesting to watch.  If you have bird phobia, however, the flapping of wings can trigger horrible feelings of fear and desperation.  NLP and hypnotherapy can help you get rid of this fear for good.
Don’t Let Claustrophobia Slow You Down

The fear of being trapped in an enclosed space is far more common than you might think.  It can appear as fear of being in a car, discomfort being in an elevator, or simply not wanting to be inside any room where the door is closed.  Our techniques of NLP and hypnotherapy are excellent for helping with claustrophobia; most of our clients experience positive progress quite rapidly. 

Dental Phobia: More Common Than You Might Think
Are you afraid of going to the dentist?  Does that fear stop you from going to get the dental care you need?  Will you only see a dentist if you are in severe, excruciating pain?  If so, your dental phobia is endangering your health and well being.  Let us help you with dental phobia, using very specific and effective NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.
Resolve Your Driving Phobia For Good
Driving phobia can take many different forms.  You might be afraid of all kinds of driving, or just driving in a specific place or in a specific manner.  Either way, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques can help resolve your phobia. 
Help Is Available For Your Fear Of Being Sick

Many people are afraid of being sick.  They have a fear of vomiting, or of other people around them vomiting.  This surprisingly common phobia usually begins in childhood, but no matter your age we can help with the fear of being sick.

Hospital Phobia: Don’t Let Your Fear Damage Your Health
Does the thought of going into a hospital, whether to visit a sick friend or receive care yourself, cause you to fill with terror?  Hospital phobia is common and can also be dangerous because it prevents you from seeking medical care even in urgent situations.  Find out how NLP and hypnotherapy can help you with hospital phobia and start taking back control of your life.
Getting Rid Of Needles Phobia
We all have fearful memories of receiving shots and immunizations as children, but for some people that fear is intense and continuing well into adulthood.  Needles phobia can effectively be overcome with NLP and hypnotherapy, allowing you to let go of fear and feel in control. 
So You Have A Phobia Of Bridges

It’s nearly impossible to go about the task of daily living without crossing a bridge at some point, so people with a phobia of bridges face a steep challenge just to get on with their lives.  No matter how severe your bridge phobia, our combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques is very effective at resolving this fear. 

Finding Help For Your Phobia Of Cats
For most people a cat is simply a furry, warm creature.  For those with a phobia of cats, however, this common household pet can trigger terrifying feelings.  Using NLP and hypnotherapy, we can help you overcome the fear of cats and be comfortable having them near you.    
Say Goodbye To Your Phobia Of Dogs
Dogs can be very scary animals, especially to children, because they are often loud, rambunctious, and appear menacing.  Even the most gentle of dogs can trigger a terror response in someone who has a phobia of dogs.  It doesn’t matter if you have had this fear since childhood or if it just started recently, we can help with the phobia of dogs.