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Weight control - Help from NLP/Hypnotherapy

Help With Weight Control From NLP and Hypnotherapy

For some people, weight control is a never ending cycle of dieting to lose weight only to gain it right back again.  Diets simply do not work because they do not change your underlying relationship with food or your thought patterns about connecting with food.

When Weight Control Is Out Of Control

Proper weight control is less about being skinny than it is about being fit and healthy.  Unfortunately our modern society has put so much emphasis on body appearance that many, many people feel compelled to spend their lives struggling to control their weight and achieve a body size that is consistently out of reach. 

Lost in all of this are three important facts about weight control:

If you want to achieve and keep a fit, healthy body that is at an appropriate weight, you must have all three of these things in place and working for you.  The problem is that most people want a shortcut or a quick fix for their weight control issues, and that is just not a long term solution.

Constant dieting is a losing battle because your mind is constantly focused on one thing:  food.  What’s more, your thoughts about food are negative, such as “I can’t eat that because it’s too fattening”, or “I’m really hungry but don’t need the extra calories from an afternoon snack”.  Another common issue is the feelings you get from eating, including pleasure, emotional fulfilment, and a sense of comfort.  The more you depend on food to generate these feelings, the more trouble you will have managing your food intake and controlling your weight.

How NLP And Hypnotherapy Can Help

NLP and hypnotherapy techniques help you control your weight by changing how you think and behave related to food.  You learn how to break the harmful patterns of thought that lead to eating too much of the wrong things, and replace them with healthy patterns of thought that create healthy, balanced eating behaviours.   This kind of re-patterning allows you to literally change how you associate food with the rest of your life so that you automatically make the right behaviour choices to achieve your weight control goals.  You learn to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want, while still taking the time to eat slowly and savour your food.  The key is that you also learn to want healthy, balanced foods instead of high calorie and high fat junk foods.

Another important part of the process is helping you to change thought patterns so that you develop the habit of staying very clear and focused on your weight control goal.  You learn to focus on taking in the right amount of the right foods in order to reach your goal.  This goal orientation is all about paying attention to what you want rather than what you don’t want.  Why?   Because you tend to succeed at whatever receives most of your attention; if your attention is spent telling yourself “Don’t fail at this diet” instead of “I’m getting closer to reaching my goal”, it’s easy to see which statement is most likely to come true.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

For most people, treatment takes anywhere from three to six one-hour sessions.  The focus of treatment is not on dieting, but rather about creating healthy thought patterns and behaviours which in turn create healthy eating habits.