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NLP and Hypnotherapy to Help With Eating Problems And Disorders

Eating problems and disorders are growing rapidly in our society, due to many different factors. Regardless of how or why a person develops a problem such as this, NLP and hypnotherapy offer help for eating problems and disorders using a number of effective techniques eliminate the symptoms. We do recommend that you consult with a qualified and professional nutritionist prior to beginning your sessions with us.

Help With Anorexia Nervosa
Anorexia nervosa is an extremely dangerous disease which can cause huge amounts of health damage and even lead to death.  It is a difficult problem to resolve, but the good news is it can be resolved with the right treatment.  A combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can help with anorexia nervosa because we focus on training your mind to take control of your thoughts and beliefs.  Some anorexic patients may take up to ten sessions to fully resolve anorexia and bring it under control, but most begin to see some positive changes very quickly.
When You Have Binge Eating Disorder
 This eating disorder is relatively easy to treat and resolve because it is based in a series of habits and automatic behaviours.  It doesn’t matter how or why those habits and automatic behaviours, developed; what matters is learning how to change them.   You do have the power to make changes, and NLP and hypnotherapy can show you how.  Our techniques help with binge eating disorder by teaching you how to train your mind so you can take control of your own behaviour. 
Overcoming Bulimia Nervosa
Most of our clients with bulimia nervosa are surprised at how quickly they respond to NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.  Whether they have been bulimic for just a few months or for years on end, in the vast majority of cases they begin seeing changes quite rapidly.  So even if you have been bulimic for a long time, you can change this habit quite rapidly just by applying the techniques we teach to create new patterns and thoughts.  Help with bulimia nervosa is just around the corner!
The Struggle for Weight Control
If you have ever been on a diet (and let’s face it, nearly everyone has been on one at some point in their life) you already know the truth about diets.  They don’t work.  Period.  Lots of people succeed in losing weight (sometimes quite a lot of it) over the short term, only to gain it right back when they eventually slip back into their old patterns of eating and behaviour.  NLP and hypnotherapy can help with weight control because our techniques train your mind to be more in control of your thoughts so you can be more in control of your eating habits.  You will find yourself being drawn toward healthy foods and healthy eating rather than toward the unhealthy foods you used to crave.