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Binge Eating; help is available

You Can Get Help For Binge Eating With NLP and Hypnotherapy

Most people overeat from time to time, stuffing themselves until they become bloated and feel uncomfortable.  This is typically an occasional thing, though, so no long term harm is done.  Binge eating disorder is different because the suffer feels compelled to eat to excess in a way that feels out of control.  Once the huge amount of food is ingested, guilt and disgust come flooding in.  Despite these unpleasant feelings, though, the person goes on to binge eat once again.

The Cycle Of Out Of Control Eating

Nobody knows for sure what causes the cycle of binge eating, but there is definitely a strong mental component to this disorder.  Eating becomes a compulsion caused by thought processes that drive you to eat, eat, and then eat some more.  And once you begin binge eating, your body’s responses help to make the cycle occur again.  When you eat large quantities of food your blood sugar soars, only to crash once your body releases insulin.  This crash causes a false sense of hunger, leading you to eat large amounts of food again even if you are not truly hungry.

Some of the symptoms of binge eating disorder include the following:

Although some of these are physical symptoms, what they have in common is that their underlying cause is firmly planted in your mind.  They occur as the result of your mind following an unconscious, learned thought pattern that automatically triggers the binge eating behaviour.


Beside the obvious issues of weight gain, there are other dangers associated with binge eating; the biggest concern is nutrition.  Binge eating very seldom provides your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, so you can easily end up with nutrition deficiencies.  And when you lack proper nutrition it invites other health issues to pop up.  That’s why we strongly recommend working with a certified nutritionist or your doctor to help address this issue. 

The Power Of NLP And Hypnotherapy

NLP and hypnotherapy techniques offer combined therapy to break the destructive cycle of binge eating.  The focus on both your conscious and unconscious mind allow you to learn new conscious thought patterns while tapping into deep, inner resources that have been hidden for a long time.    

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Most people are treated successfully with just two or three one-hour sessions.