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Drug Addictions Treatment Index Page

The Power of NLP and Hypnotherapy to Help With Drug Addictions

Society faces an epidemic of addiction to drugs, both the illegal and legal varieties, and there is no end in sight.  This page offers links to more information about how NLP and hypnotherapy can help with treatment for drug addictions of all kinds.  Please Note:  In addition to the topics listed below, we also treat addictions to sugar, pornography, exercise, gambling, shopping, junk food, and the internet.

I Can’t Live Without Caffeine!
We laugh and joke about being addicted to caffeine, but it’s no laughing matter.  Caffeine is a drug, and it is very, very addictive.  It’s easy to become addicted to caffeine and suffer the health damage that goes along with it.  You can get fast, effective help for addiction to caffeine by using NLP and hypnotherapy techniques from a trained practitioner.
Help for Addiction to Cannabis
Pot.  Weed.  Skunk.  Marijuana.  It doesn’t matter what slang term you use for cannabis, you’re still describing a highly addictive drug that can destroy your life and cause major health problems when you abuse it.  Breaking this addiction is definitely possible, so if you need help with an addiction to cannabis all you have to do is turn to NLP and hypnotherapy. 
Getting Rid of Your Chocolate Addiction
Addiction to chocolate is another term that is often used in a humorous way, but just like caffeine, chocolate can be highly addictive.  In most cases the craving for chocolate interferes with weight control and general health issues, but in extreme cases it can actually be dangerous enough to be life threatening to someone who is a strong addict.  If you want help with your chocolate addiction, we have some great news because it is one of the addictions that are effectively treated using NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.
Help for Addiction to Cocaine

 Anyone can be a cocaine addict.  People from all walks of life are dealing with this destructive addiction every day, some already living their lives out of control and others on the verge of losing control.  Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques offer help for addiction to cocaine that is effective and lasting.

My Addiction to Cigarettes is Out of Control

Cigarette addiction is perhaps the most widespread of all addictions, affecting a large number of people across all ages, backgrounds, and gender.  Some stop smoking programs focus solely on the nicotine addiction, while others focus on the environmental triggers that create the urge to smoke.  NLP and hypnotherapy, on the other hand, address both of these aspects of addiction to cigarettes.  If you are serious about stopping smoking and really want help with your cigarette addiction, we have the solutions you need.