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Beat the cocaine habit for good

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy To End Cocaine Addiction

For many people, cocaine is more than their drug of choice; it is a way of life, a major part of their thoughts and their everyday activities.  For other people, though, cocaine is more of a casual drug, something they use every so often just for the “high” and the pleasure it creates.  Regardless of whether you are an occasional user or a heavy user whose life has been wrecked by cocaine, we can help you end the powerful addiction to cocaine.

About Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is both physically and psychologically addicting.  Your body develops a strong need to receive continued doses of cocaine, but also builds up a resistance to the effects of cocaine.  This means you have to use greater quantities with greater frequency just to achieve the same level of “high”.  Your mind is addicted, too, because cocaine is a powerful mind-altering drug.  What starts out as pleasant sensations can quickly and easily turn into hallucinations, paranoia, and losing touch with what is and isn’t reality.

In many cases, the addiction to cocaine is a symptom of other underlying problems.  You use cocaine as a way to escape or to cover up other parts of your life that are unpleasant or out of control.  This is why family issues, social issues, and mental health issues are often part of a cocaine addiction.  They are the triggers for your unconscious thought pattern, the one that creates the automatic response that leads to your destructive behaviour.

How NLP And Hypnotherapy Can Get Rid Of Cocaine Addiction

NLP and hypnotherapy work with your mind to help you learn new patterns of thought and behaviour.  For the cocaine addict, the choice to use cocaine has become automatic, something that occurs without conscious thought or decision.  Our techniques help to break this automatic pattern, teaching you how to change your thought patterns to create new and better behaviours.  NLP target your conscious mind with specific tools and techniques, while hypnotherapy targets your unconscious mind to unleash the inner resources you have not yet discovered. 


We don’t spend long hours searching into your past to try to understand “why” you’re addicted to cocaine, but we can help if there are underlying issues contributing to the problem.  We focus on what is happening right here, right now, and show you how to make immediate and effective changes.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

In most cases, cocaine addiction can be treated successfully in just two or three one-hour sessions.  If there are underlying issues to resolve you may need an additional session, but that is not always the case.  Occasionally, however, these techniques do not fully solve all aspects of the addiction so we cannot guarantee your individual outcome.