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Obsessive Compulsive Shopping and Over-Spending

Stop Your Compulsive Shopping And Overspending Using NLP And Hypnotherapy

Stop Your Compulsive Shopping And Overspending Using NLP And Hypnotherapy Most people enjoy shopping and spending money to some degree, but for some people it becomes a compulsion. They are addicted to the “high” they get from shopping and spending money, to the point where they continually spend money they can’t afford to spend. They just can’t pass up the chance to go into a store and buy something, even though their budget is completely blown. This of course leads to a great number of problems in their life.

Why Do I Shop And Overspend?

In most cases, compulsive shopping and overspending are based in some form of a bad feeling, such as anxiety, anger, boredom, or fear.  When you feel down shopping makes you feel better, so buying things becomes a way to escape other problems and issues.  Shopping simply feels good, so you continue to do it to keep those good feelings coming.  It’s as if you’re on autopilot and your brain is totally in control of your actions.

The problem is that you have to continuing increasing the amount of money and time you spend shopping to get the same level of satisfaction.  It becomes a habit driven by the way your mind thinks and the behaviours that come from your thoughts and feelings.  Shopping changes from being a necessary part of everyday life to a compulsion and addiction that shows up as an unconscious pattern of behaviour.  The key to changing the behaviour is changing the unconscious pattern of thought.

Using NLP And Hypnotherapy To Eliminate Obsessive Compulsive Shopping And Overspending

You can use NLP and hypnotherapy to eliminate problems with obsessive compulsive shopping and overspending.  These techniques work very well because they allow you to re-pattern both your conscious and unconscious mind to break the destructive habit and replace it with more positive and productive behaviours.  We don’t set about “fixing” you because you’re not broken; rather, your mind needs some teaching and training to get back on track with a better pattern of thought and behaviour.     

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Treatment for obsessive compulsive shopping and overspending is quite rapid for the vast majority of people.  Because NLP and hypnotherapy work so effectively in combination with each other, most of our clients are cured in as few as two or three one-hour sessions, and sometimes even less. 

What About The Underlying Feelings That Go With Compulsive Shopping?

This is an excellent question, because simply resolving the compulsion to shop and overspend may not take care of the underlying feelings that your behaviour was attempting to soothe or cover up.  We often find other issues related to anxiety and depression, which NLP and hypnotherapy can also effectively treat.