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Stop Wedding Nerves

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy To Help With Wedding Nerves

So you’re getting married – congratulations!  For some people the prospect of getting married is a joyous reason to celebrate, while for others it is a trigger for experiencing fear, anxiety, and worry.  These are called wedding nerves, and they are far more common than you might think.  A little bit of nervousness is perfectly normal when facing this significant life milestone, but if that nervousness begins to interfere with your life or your happiness then you should consider making some changes to help yourself feel better. 

Getting Married Means Getting Worried

A lot of time, planning, and effort goes into even the most modest of wedding ceremonies.  Make it a large wedding and the toll it takes can grow exponentially.  With all of the pressure (both real and perceived) it’s normal and common to feel at least some level of worry and anxiety about your big day.  If these worries and anxieties become to large, though, it is very difficult to relax and enjoy the build up to your special day.
There are so many ways getting married can trigger wedding nerves, such as:

And it’s not just the bride and groom who may experience wedding nerves, either.  Parents, grandparents, members of the wedding party, and nearly anyone associated with the big event can easily develop worries and anxieties that get out of control.

Is It Really Just Wedding Nerves?

In most cases, yes, but sometimes wedding nerves are really a symptom of other underlying problems that should be addressed as well.  For instance, if you are having nightmares or find yourself crying uncontrollably, there may be something else going on that needs your attention.  NLP and hypnotherapy techniques are excellent tools for identifying underlying issues and helping you determine the best patterns of thought and behaviour to resolve those issues.

Getting Help With NLP And Hypnotherapy

The good news is that your worries and anxieties don’t have to take over, and they don’t have to stop you from enjoying the entire wedding process.  Often times, wedding nerves build up over the course of several weeks or even months until they seem to explode out of control.  You can prevent this from happening, or correct it if it has already happened, by learning how to change your thought patterns and train your mind to deal with the situation in a positive manner.

It’s easy to get in the habit of thinking worried thoughts, and it is this habit that can quickly turn into a full blown case of wedding nerves.  Using NLP and hypnotherapy, though, you can develop a more positive habit of thinking that eliminates those nervous feelings.  The techniques combine work with your conscious mind and your unconscious mind to help you discover better thought and behaviour patterns, while tapping into the deeper resources you may not even realize you have.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Our goal is to create relief from social phobia as quickly as possible, with full resolution occurring soon after the initial improvements are felt.  On average, most people see complete and permanent treatment of social phobia within as few as two to four one-hour sessions. 


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