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Social anxiety and social phobia

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy To Help With Social Phobia

Social phobia, sometimes call social anxiety, is an overwhelming sense of dread and fear that other people are watching you and passing judgment on you.  Everyone feels this way from time to time, especially in new or unfamiliar social situations, but when it occurs regularly and begins to affect your life negatively, it’s time to get some help. 

How Do I Know If I Have Social Phobia?

The symptoms of social phobia can be both physical and emotional.  They can occur in just a few isolated social situations or in nearly every social situation you encounter.  The most common symptoms of social phobia include:

These are just a few examples of what you might experience with social phobia.  Chances are if you are experiencing any bothersome symptoms before, during, or after social situations, you probably have some level of social phobia.  Now here’s the good news:  social phobia is a very treatable problem, effectively resolved by using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques. 

How NLP And Hypnotherapy Can Help

There are many different reasons why you might have developed a social phobia and just as many different symptoms and manifestations you might experience.  Because of this, your practitioner will work closely with you to understand the exact nature of your behaviour patterns and then recommend the quickest and most effective treatment approach.

Social phobia, like other phobias, is a learned reaction and behaviour.  You weren’t born feeling this way; at some point in your life something occurred that “taught” your mind to think and act this way.  However, you can just as easily “teach” your mind to think and act an entirely different way using NLP and hypnotherapy techniques.  It is far easier than you might think to take back control of your imagination (and your life) to make the kinds of changes that truly make a difference.

Just think about how good it will feel to quiet the negative thinking and self talk that cause you to feel anxious or fearful in social situations.  This simple step – learning how to change your pattern of self talk – triggers significant changes in your feelings and your behaviours, helping you to step away from a destructive pattern and establish a new pattern that is positive and constructive.  You’ll learn to turn off the “movies” that continually play in your head, replacing them with a sense of calm and feelings of being truly balanced and centred in yourself.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Our goal is to create relief from social phobia as quickly as possible, with full resolution occurring soon after the initial improvements are felt.  On average, most people see complete and permanent treatment of social phobia within as few as two to four one-hour sessions.