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The Hypnotherapy And NLP In Australia Team

Perth and - Beverley de la Harpe

Beverley de la Harpe is a graduate of the Australian Academy of Hypnosis and holds a Diploma of Advanced Clinical Hypnosis and Master NLP Practitioner in Perth, Western Australia.

Beverley’s extensive background and passion in the healing arts prompted her to put her life long studies into practice, leaving the corporate world to follow her passion in bringing sanity to those who seek her out. Her unique style of combining hypnosis and NLP has gained her the reputation of being very successful in her practice in Subiaco, West Australia.

Her compassion, warmth and generosity of spirit are an integral part of who she is, infusing and blending into her sessions. She is highly intuitive and bases her work on what is useful and works for her clients, believing in teaching hands-on, practical, useable information and skills demystifying what makes the human spirit soar and the tools to live a life of bliss.

Beverley works with both children and adults in all areas of life ranging from depression, anger management, learning difficulties, smoking, anxiety, weight loss, depression and motivation. She is currently completing a National Certification in Workplace Training and Assessment in preparation for the delivery of NLP / Hypnosis Trainings. In addition she is also completing a Diploma of Professional Counseling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counselors.

As a large percentage of Beverley’s clients come from referrals from people who work predominantly in remote West Australian mine sites; it has sparked an interest and she is also taking part in studies with an independent group, to determine the effects of the mining industry boom in West Australia and the impact it is having on families and relationships, in respect to one or both partners, who fly in, fly out to remote mine sites, and their integration back into family life.

Beverley has trained extensively under Gary de Rodriguez and is an integral part of the Master Mind Humanistic NLP Community; and is a Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. Beverley has also studied with Stephen Gilligan, Bob Bodenhamer, and Michael Hall.

Other areas of interest which has brought Beverley to this place in her life are:-

EFT Practitioner
Core Energetics
Imago Couples Counseling
Bootcamp for Brains ; Imagination Academy for Children Learning – Don Toleman
Memberships include:-
Clinical Member AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association)
Registered Member PHWA (Professional Hypnotists WA Inc)
Registered Member ACA (Australian Counseling Association
Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists Australia
Associate Member AKA (Australian Kinesology Association)
Current Education:-
Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment –
Certification due Dec 2007
Diploma in Professional Counseling –
Certification due June 2008
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Hypnotherapy and NLP in Perth
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Melbourne & - Adam Szmerling BA

Adam Szmerling is a qualified clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner and Psychotherapist with over 10 years experience in private practice.

Adam doesn’t work with people that don’t take responsibility for their lives.

Adam successfully helps people that are really committed to their healing processes.

Adam has a down to earth and professional style in helping people with a range of issues such as:

Smoking Cessation & How To Stay A Non Smoker.
Gaining Slimness.
Releasing Phobias.
Beating Depression.
Managing Anxiety.
Soothing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
Enhancing performance.
Stress Management.
Changing Unwanted Habits.
Adam incorporates aspects of both Traditional and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, NLP tools with principles of spiral dynamics and Buddhist psychotherapy to form a comprehensive approach to coaching and therapy.

He owns a busy multi-disciplinary practice in Bayside Melbourne, with other therapists of physiotherapy, massage and myotherapy; providing access to help in a comprehensive mind and body treatment approach.

He is a clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association which binds him to a strict code of ethical conduct and treatment professionalism.

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Sydney - Enas Saad

Mary has been successfully practicing NLP, Hypnotherapy and EFT for several years in Sydney, and has recently moved her practice to the Sydney CBD.

Some years ago, she was introduced to the power of NLP whilst attempting to further her sons chances by taking him to a careers expo. Her passion for NLP was ignited because she finally found where she fitted in.

Since then she has had the privilege of helping people on a level that was not available to her prior to that day, even though she trained in her previous fields of work: real estate and hospitality.

She is a Clinical Member of both the Australian Hypnotherapist’s Association and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, which demonstrates recognition of her skills and qualifications internationally.

By combining NLP, Hypnotherapy, and EFT, she has been able to help people make significant changes in their lives. Having has two previous highly stressful careers she is fully aware of the toll stress takes on a person and how easy it is to get lost. Today, she excels in the area of stress and its related conditions.

Mary also has worked with the anxiety clinic attached to her local hospital, and regularly receives referrals from the Psychologist there.
Mary been interviewed by, and appeared in, her local paper to help shed light on the mystery that is NLP and Hypnotherapy to most people. She received favourable feedback because of her down to earth approach and ability to remove some of the ambiguity surrounding these subjects in some peoples’ minds.

With the use of NLP Mary is able to help a person move from a place they do not wish to be, to a new one of their choosing and strength. “Hypnotherapy is used to help cement the changes into place, because it is a wonderful way to keep what you have learnt at a core level and not have to question yourself again.”

Remember always, “Change your thinking ….and you change your world!”
(Norman Vincent Peale)
With Mary you not only have the benefit of her experience, but also of the training that can help you past most obstacles.
Please feel free to call Mary. She will return your call as quickly as possible, however; she will not interrupt a therapy session to answer a phone so please be patient.