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Hypnotherapy And NLP Frequently Asked Questions

What can you tell me about NLP?

NLP is the acronym for neuro-linguistic programming.  It sounds complicated, but it is really very straightforward; NLP is the objective examination and study of subjective human experience.  More and more people are turning to NLP to resolve a variety of issues because it often creates significant results in a very short amount of time.  With NLP, you learn to influence your thoughts and feelings simply by learning how to be more in control of your mind and imagination.  The training teaches you how to control how you talk to yourself, what you remember, what you imagine, and what you visualize.  The result is you learn how to consciously direct your life rather than let your life direct you.

What can you tell me about Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a process by which you are guided by a practitioner to enter relaxed state.  It can be either deep relaxation or light relaxation, depending on the practitioner’s treatment approach.  Once you are in this relaxed state, he or she uses specific techniques of indirect or direct suggestion in an effort to guide you toward making changes in your thoughts and feelings, which in turn changes your behavior.  Our clients report that hypnotherapy is a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.

How safe are NLP and Hypnotherapy?

NLP and hypnotherapy are extremely safe techniques, so safe in fact that indemnity insurance companies who cover professional NLP and hypnotherapy professional consider them to be in the extreme ‘lowest’ band of risk.

Are you sure I can be hypnotized?

Yes, anybody can be hypnotized if they are willing.  It is a simple guided relaxation process.

What is it like to be hypnotized?

Being hypnotized is nothing more than becoming very relaxed.  Some people go into a deeply relaxed state, while others experience a lightly relaxed state.  The entire hypnosis process is easy, comfortable, and safe.

What are the side effects?

There are no negative side effects to hypnosis.  The only side effects you are likely to feel are greater relaxation and sense of ease.

What happens if I lose control?

You will not lose control in any way when hypnotized.  Just the opposite, in fact, because hypnosis helps you take control over the issue or problem you wish to resolve.

How much will I remember after being hypnotized?

This varies from person to person.  Most people remember a lot of what happens during hypnosis, but they generally don’t remember all of the very specific details.  It is very much like settling in with a very good movie or book; you remember the general course of events but many of the details are fuzzier.

Is it true some people are too intelligent to be hypnotized?

No.  Most very intelligent or strong-willed people actually adapt quite easily to hypnosis because the practitioner can engage their intelligence to enhance and improve the process.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Some people incorrectly think of being hypnotized as becoming unconscious; this is not the case.  When you are hypnotized, your experience may range from deep relaxation to light relaxation to uncertainty about what you are feeling.  All of those states are perfectly fine, because most hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can be used regardless.

How many times will I need hypnosis?

The answer to this depends on a number of factors.  Your practitioner will work closely with you to estimate the number of sessions you should expect.  Depending on your progress, the actual number of sessions may be more or less than this initial estimate.